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    • Engagement in online learning: It’s not all about faculty! 

      Bishop, Kathy; Etmanski, Catherine; Page, M. Beth (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2018)
      In this chapter, we, the authors Bishop, Etmanski and Page, argue for the need to disrupt the traditional notion of faculty solely as expert. We redefine the online faculty role to be that of a facilitator who creates the ...
    • Weaving tales of hope and challenge: Exploring diversity through narrative Métissage 

      Etmanski, Catherine; Weigler, Will; Wong-Sneddon, Grace (Manchester University Press, 2013)
      It all came to a head when one of my male classmates asked how I felt about what Oprah had done for “my kind of people”. That is when I truly felt that all some of the people in that room were seeing was my colour. ~ ...