Recent Submissions

  • Malaspina's Meditation on Beauty in Nature 

    Black, John (Alexandro Malaspina Research Centre, 2011-02)
    This paper describes and assesses an essay by navigator-philosopher Alexandro Malaspina on the question of whether beauty resides in nature or in art.
  • How to build a learning community: Activate, abdicate, articulate 

    Black, John (University Press of America, 1999)
    This paper argues that a successful learning community requires a classroom in which students are active, a sharing of responsibility for learning between teachers and students, and clear communication about the importance ...
  • Education versus training? 

    Black, John (Douglas College, 1997)
    This paper argues that the division between liberal education and training for employment is a false dilemma.
  • Frozen embryos, ice-age ethics & cold comfort: A case study in the ethics of reproductive technologies 

    Black, John (VIU Institute of Practical Philosophy, 1996-01)
    At the beginning of this decade, a civil court case in the United States (Davis v. Davis, 1989 & 1990) raised some interesting questions about the moral underpinnings of judgments on issues resulting from the application ...
  • Teaching hypothetical/deductive reasoning in radiologic technology: Explanation games and other classroom methods 

    Black, John; Dowd, Steven B. (CAMRT, 1992-10)
    Teaching strategies for radiologic technology education can be enhanced by the use of metacognitive techniques which promote real-world critical thinking. The aim of these techniques is to encourage students to develop ...
  • Quantifying support 

    Black, John (University of Windsor, 1991)
    This article explores a mapping of the formal probability calculus onto the informal logic concepts of acceptability and sufficiency, concluding that while this approach is technically feasible, its value for understanding ...
  • Whatever happened to baby logic? 

    Black, John (ISSA, 1991)
    This paper argues that the inclusion of formal logic into introductory critical thinking courses can be self-defeating.
  • Primary and secondary indicators 

    Black, John (ACTIR, 1990-10)
    This article argues for greater terminological exactitude in describing words used to indicate the presence and structure of reasoned arguments.
  • What is critical thinking? 

    Black, John (ACTIR, 1989-10)
    This article argues for a conception of critical thinking incorporating both technical skills and autonomy of thought.