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    • An approach to home-based business 

      Pinard, Alain (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      Following a lengthy and heated debate, the former Town of Ancaster (now part of the new City of Hamilton) adopted new zoning regulations for home-based businesses. Although this activity is increasingly commonplace, ...
    • Contents 

      Unknown author (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      Table of contents for Plan Canada - Volume 42, Number 1 (January, February, March 2002).
    • Home is where the heart is 

      Maxwell, Judith (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      The form and function of homes are changing as Canadians adapt to new technologies, new patterns of work, and new family structures. Families cannot function well without a home. But homes cannot function unless they ...
    • Home is where the heart is 

      Marshall, Nancy (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      Welcome to 2002 and the first issue of Plan Canada for the New Year. It is with great pleasure that I present this issue on housing and home - topics that are relevant to all planners.
    • Housing and child well-being 

      Cooper, Merrill (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      The well-being of Canada's children is threatened by shortages of affordable housing and the deterioration of Canada's low-income housing stock. The National Children's Agenda provides a unique opportunity for ...
    • Meanings of home: Developing a responsive and humane planning practice 

      Thompson, Susan (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      Home is the familiar every-day world where we find a sense of belonging and worth. It is critical that town planners have an understanding of what home means to individuals and communities and the implications that ...
    • New urbanism and aging in place 

      Mehak, Mary Catherine (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      We are now familiar with the application of new urbanism in residential developments in Canada. As a model, new urbanism recognizes the need to provide communities that support aging in place. Developments based on the ...
    • Plan Canada - Volume 42, Number 1 (January-February-March 2002) 

      Unknown author (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      House and home: The cornerstones of community|Logis et foyer, pierres angulaires de la communauté
    • Raves reviewed: An extended dance event bylaw 

      Hunter, Sylvia (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      As the rave community in Calgary grew from a small counterculture movement to a mainstream business activity, the City of Calgary enacted a bylaw to address issues associated with the rave events taking place in its ...
    • Retooling the historic neighbourhood of Le Village 

      Friedman, Avi; Krawitz, David (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      When many residents of Le Village in Cornwall, Ont., were laid off from the textile mills in the 1950s, the community's physical conditions began to worsen. Many residents moved away and sold their homes to investors, ...