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    • Canada's place in the world of planning 

      Shipley, Robert (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2001)
      We constantly hear from one another that Canada is a small country, a new country, and an unimportant nation on the world stage. This may be a charming part of our characteristic politeness and self-effacing reticence, ...
    • The challenge of growth 

      Grant, Jill (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2001)
      Coping with growth is the eternal challenge of planning. After all, if we didn't fact chronic change (demographic, technological, economic), then it seems likely that we would have little need for institutionalized ...
    • Making waves in 2002 

      Sholberg, Chris (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      It is my pleasure to present this issue of Plan Canada, as a sampling of the "2002: Making Waves" conference held May 26-29 in Burnaby, B.C. by the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Planning Institute of British Columbia.
    • Une odyssée spatiale et spéciale! 

      Dubé, Pierre (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2001)
      Il me fait plaisir de vous présenter dans ce numéro de Plan Canada, un aperçu du Congrès 2001 organisé conjointement par l'Institut canadien des urbanistes et l'Institut professionnel des urbanistes de l'Ontario à Ottawa ...
    • Planning around the edges 

      Agrawal, Sandeep (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2018-09)
      It is my pleasure to introduce this special issue of Plan Canada on Planning Around the Edges. This thematic issue brings together both practitioners and academics to opine and reflect on the approaches to changing municipal ...
    • Realizing old and new agendas: The challenge within 

      Mathur, Brijesh (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1991-11)
      As we contemplate the emerging futures for planning, it is as important to identify future challenges as it is to look back on our past performance to assess our preparedness for meeting the challenges which lie before us.