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    • Alternatives to clearcutting in BC coastal montane forests 

      Arnott, J.T.; Beese, William J. (Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada, 1997)
      The Montane Alternative Silvicultural Systems (MASS) partnership was formed in 1992 to test new approaches to harvesting high-elevation old-growth forests of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Uniform Shelterwood (SW), ...
    • Post-harvest nitrogen cycling in clearcut and alternative silvicultural systems in a montane forest in coastal British Columbia 

      Titus, Brian D.; Prescott, Cindy E.; Maynard, Doug G.; Mitchell, Alan K.; Bradley, Robert L.; Feller, Michael C.; Beese, William J.; Seely, Brad A.; Benton, Ross A.; Senyk, John P.; Hawkins, Barbara J.; Koppenaal, Ross (Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada, 2006)
      The MASS (Montane Alternative Silvicultural Systems) trial was established in the coastal mountains of British Columbia to compare clearcut, patch cut, green tree and shelterwood systems. A number of studies were carried ...