Recent Submissions

  • Selections from The Girl's Own Paper, 1880-1907 

    Doughty, Terri (Broadview Press, 2004)
    The Girl’s Own Paper, founded in 1880, both shaped and reflected tensions between traditional domestic ideologies of the period and New Woman values in the context of the figure of the New Girl. These selections from the ...
  • Locating Harry Potter in the "boys book" market 

    Doughty, Terri (University of Missouri Press, 2002)
    The Harry Potter series' appeal for adolescent boys, not customarily a strong presence in the reading market, is explored within a cultural framework.
  • Putting the Punk in a Steampunk Cinderella: Marissa Meyer's "Lunar Chronicles" 

    Doughty, Terri (University of Wrocław, 2015)
    Focusing on the first novel, Cinder, in Marissa Meyer’s 'Lunar Chronicles' series, this paper examines her blending of fairy-tale and steampunk motifs in order to rewrite the meme of "Cinderella", identified not only as ...
  • Knowing their place: identity and space in children's literature 

    Doughty, Terri; Thompson, Dawn (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2013)
    Traditionally in the West, children were expected to "know their place", but what does this mean in a contemporary, globalized world? How does children's literature help explain how identity is derived from a sense of ...
  • Cultural Contact Zones: Wrocław, Poland 

    Doughty, Terri; McGrail, Justin (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2014)
    Poland was re-established as a nation after World War I; the city of Wrocław (formerly German Breslau) became Polish after World War II. After massive population transfers of Germans and Poles and after Communist government ...