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    • Analysis of surfaces, films, and multilayers by resonant laser ablation 

      Allen, T.M.; Smith, C.H.; Kelly, Peter B.; Anderson, John E.; Eiden, Gregory C.; Garrett, A.W.; Gill, Chris G.; Hemberger, P.H.; Nogar, Nicholas S. (SPIE, 1995)
      In this manuscript we review briefly the history of Resonant Laser Ablation (RLA), and discuss some current ideas regarding sample preparation, laser parameters, and mechanism. We also discuss current applications including ...
    • Resonant laser ablation: Mechanisms and applications 

      Anderson, J.E.; Allen, T.M.; Garrett, A.W.; Gill, Chris G.; Hemberger, P.H.; Kelly, P.B.; Nogar, N.S. (American Institute of Physics, 1997)
      We will report on aspects of resonant laser ablation (RLA) behavior for a number of sample types: metals, alloys, thin films, zeolites and soil. The versatility of RLA is demonstrated, with results on a variety of samples ...