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  • [Pre-print] Gravitational anti-screening as an alternative to dark matter 

    Penner, A. Raymond (Nova Science Publishers, 2018-07)
    The theory of gravitational anti-screening is an alternative to the current theory of dark matter. It is based on a model of the analogous screening of electric charges by virtual electric dipoles that is found in QED. ...
  • Malaspina's Meditation on Beauty in Nature 

    Black, John (Alexandro Malaspina Research Centre, 2011-02)
    This paper describes and assesses an essay by navigator-philosopher Alexandro Malaspina on the question of whether beauty resides in nature or in art.
  • [Post-print][Book Review] Sustainability: A history 

    Alexander, Don (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016)
    Review of the book "Sustainability: A history" by Jeremy L. Caradonna (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.)
  • Postmodernism and educational research 

    Campbell, Madelaine (Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2018-07-18)
    Postmodernism is an elusive concept when we attempt to connect it to educational research methodologies. This paper is a review of the literature regarding postmodernist research methodologies in education.
  • Harold Steves: Unconventional planner 

    Alexander, Don (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2018)
    For the past 60 years Harold Steves has impacted community planning both as an activist and a politician. In these roles he has made an enormous difference in his city, in the region, and in the province.
  • Teaching hypothetical/deductive reasoning in radiologic technology: Explanation games and other classroom methods 

    Black, John; Dowd, Steven B. (CAMRT, 1992-10)
    Teaching strategies for radiologic technology education can be enhanced by the use of metacognitive techniques which promote real-world critical thinking. The aim of these techniques is to encourage students to develop ...
  • Animals of ancient Vancouver Island colouring sheets 

    Johnstone, Sandra (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018)
    Colouring sheets showing animals that lived at the time when the rocks of Vancouver Island were formed. Sharks, ammonites, crinoids, and more!
  • The Coast - Insular boundary revisited: Mid-Jurassic ductile deformation on Quadra Island, British Columbia 

    Johnstone, Sandra (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018)
    A research poster presented at Resources for Future Generations 2018 in Vancouver, BC.
  • Petrogenesis of deformed intrusive pods in the Quatsino formation, Open Bay, Quadra Island, British Columbia 

    Johnstone, Sandra (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2014)
    A research poster presented at Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2014 in Vancouver, BC.
  • Fossils of Vancouver Island 

    Johnstone, Sandra (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2013)
    An overview of the most interesting and most common fossils of Vancouver Island.
  • Education versus training? 

    Black, John (Douglas College, 1997)
    This paper argues that the division between liberal education and training for employment is a false dilemma.
  • Primary and secondary indicators 

    Black, John (ACTIR, 1990-10)
    This article argues for greater terminological exactitude in describing words used to indicate the presence and structure of reasoned arguments.
  • What is critical thinking? 

    Black, John (ACTIR, 1989-10)
    This article argues for a conception of critical thinking incorporating both technical skills and autonomy of thought.
  • Whatever happened to baby logic? 

    Black, John (ISSA, 1991)
    This paper argues that the inclusion of formal logic into introductory critical thinking courses can be self-defeating.
  • Quantifying support 

    Black, John (University of Windsor, 1991)
    This article explores a mapping of the formal probability calculus onto the informal logic concepts of acceptability and sufficiency, concluding that while this approach is technically feasible, its value for understanding ...
  • How to build a learning community: Activate, abdicate, articulate 

    Black, John (University Press of America, 1999)
    This paper argues that a successful learning community requires a classroom in which students are active, a sharing of responsibility for learning between teachers and students, and clear communication about the importance ...
  • Frozen embryos, ice-age ethics & cold comfort: A case study in the ethics of reproductive technologies 

    Black, John (VIU Institute of Practical Philosophy, 1996-01)
    At the beginning of this decade, a civil court case in the United States (Davis v. Davis, 1989 & 1990) raised some interesting questions about the moral underpinnings of judgments on issues resulting from the application ...
  • Oceans of opportunity: A review of Canadian aquaculture 

    Noakes, Donald J. (Emerald, 2018)
    Purpose – The world’s population is expected to increase by 30 percent to 10bn people by 2050 and with 70 percent of the earth’s surface covered by water aquaculture will play an important role in producing food for the ...
  • [Post-print] The K = 2 conundrum 

    Janes, Jasmine K.; Miller, Joshua M.; Dupuis, Julian R.; Malenfant, René; Gorrell, Jamieson C.; Cullingham, Catherine I.; Andrew, Rose L. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017-07)
    Assessments of population genetic structure have become an increasing focus as they can provide valuable insight into patterns of migration and gene flow. STRUCTURE, the most highly cited of several clustering-based ...
  • Sexually selected infanticide by male red squirrels in advance of a mast year 

    Haines, Jessica A.; Coltman, David W.; Dantzer, Ben; Gorrell, Jamieson C.; Humphries, Murray M.; Lane, Jeffrey E.; McAdam, Andrew G.; Boutin, Stan (Ecological Society of America, 2018-05)
    North American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) anticipate when white spruce (Picea glauca), their primary food source, will produce large amounts of cones in infrequent and irregular mast years (Boutin et al. 2006). ...

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