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  • The re-greening of North America: An overview of green politics and philosophy 

    Alexander, Don (LightStar Press, 1987)
    Don Alexander provides an overview of green politics and philosophy. He shows how the various issues connected with ecopolitics fit in the larger terrain. Form his paper we get an idea of where deep ecology might fit ...
  • Bioregionalism: The need for a firmer theoretical foundation 

    Alexander, Don (Athabasca University Press, 1996)
    This article discusses the different methods and sets of criteria used for delineating bioregions.
  • The challenge of self-reliance 

    Alexander, Don (Catalyst Education Society, 1994-03)
    This article examines what a sustainable economy would look like in the Vancouver region.
  • Congress as a verb 

    Alexander, Don (North American Bioregional Congress, 1989)
    An impression of the Third North American Bioregional Congress (NABC III) written shortly after the congress.
  • The establishment of a database on current research in UNESCO biosphere reserves: limitations and opportunities 

    Shaw, Pamela; Price, Martin F.; Alexander, Taylor; Gadoya, Rushi; Sakaki, Graham; Shaw, Lauren (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2017-08)
    The investigation into current research on biosphere reserves is complex and multi-faceted. Numerous factors, including the widespread interests of those publishing on biosphere reserves, publication methods, author ...
  • Urban policy for sustainable development: Taking a wide-angle view 

    Alexander, Don; Tomalty, Ray (Institute of Urban Studies, 1994)
    In this review of literature relevant to urban policy for sustainable development, we consider both empirical writings and more "visionary" work. The two aspects that will be considered in our review of urban policy for ...
  • Preferential intracellular pH regulation: Hypotheses and perspectives 

    Shartau, Ryan B.; Baker, Daniel W.; Crossley, Dane A. II; Brauner, Colin J. (The Company of Biologists, 2016-08)
    The regulation of vertebrate acid–base balance during acute episodes of elevated internal PCO2 is typically characterized by extracellular pH (pHe) regulation. Changes in pHe are associated with qualitatively similar ...
  • Smart Growth Canada Network develops innovative online courses for municipalities [pre-print] 

    Alexander, Don (Municipal World Inc., 2006-11)
    Over the last couple of years, a new organization has emerged with direct relevance to municipal governments, their elected officials and employees. Smart Growth Canada Network (SGCN) was initially established in 2003 as ...
  • Bioregionalism: Tool for sustainability 

    Alexander, Don (Wilfrid Laurier University CRRC, 1991)
    This paper explores the potential of bioregionalism as a tool for sustainability.
  • Left off the map again: [Book Review] Cultures in contention 

    Alexander, Don (Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing Inc., 1986)
    Review of the book "Cultures in contention" edited by Douglas Kahn and Diane Neumaier (Seattle: The Real Comet Press, 1985).
  • Advocacy journalism: Native style 

    Alexander, Don (Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing Inc., 1986)
    The following is an edited transcript of an interview with Alex Jacobs, co-editor of Akwesasne Notes (based in Rooseveltown, New York), the longest running Native journal in North America.
  • Mohawk radio: A nation rebuilds through broadcasting 

    Alexander, Don (Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing Inc., 1986)
    The following is an edited transcript of an interview with Jake Swamp, traditional chief of the Wolf Clan (Mohawk Nation), David Back, production manager for CKON (a radio station operating on the Akwesasne Reserve which ...
  • Prison of images: Seizing the means of representation 

    Alexander, Don (Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing Inc., 1986)
    The position occupied by Native people in white culture is similar to that of women in patriarchy. From cigar store Indian, to cowboy and Indian movies, to the "noble savage," Native people live in a prison of images not ...
  • Layabouts: Profile of a community band [Album Review] No masters! 

    Alexander, Don (Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing Inc., 1986)
    Review of the album "No masters!" by the Layabouts (Detroit: [Non-Serviam Productions], 1985).
  • [Abstract] Ecosystem planning for Canadian urban regions 

    Tomalty, Ray; Gibson, Robert B.; Alexander, Don; Fisher, John (ICURR, 1994-11)
    The document details the development of a framework for applying the ecosystem planning approach to urbanized and urbanizing regions in Canada. It defines "ecosystem planning" based on research of Ontario initiatives. Seven ...
  • [Book Review] The living economy: A new economics in the making 

    Alexander, Don (The Pollution Probe Foundation, 1988)
    Book review of "The living economy: A new economics in the making" edited by Paul Ekins (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986).
  • [Book Review] The modern crisis 

    Sells, Jennifer; Alexander, Don (The Pollution Probe Foundation, 1986)
    Review of the book "The modern crisis" by Murray Bookchin (Philadelphia: New Society Publishers, 1986).
  • Area-wide traffic management: An innovative strategy for urban centres 

    Davidson, Gavin; Roseland, Mark; Alexander, Don (Eco-Logica, 1998)
    This study compares and contrasts a traditional view of traffic management with an emerging, broad interpretation that supports sustainable development. We then summarise recent research we undertook to examine ...
  • Planner as educator: A vision of a new practitioner 

    Alexander, Don; Calliou, Sharilyn (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1991-11)
    This paper examines and compares the visionary tradition in planning and community education for their possible relevance to "emerging futures" for planners. It suggests the need for a new practitioner who will combine the ...
  • Phylogeography of a migratory songbird across its Canadian breeding range: Implications for conservation units 

    Haché, Samuel; Bayne, Erin M.; Villard, Marc-André; Proctor, Heather; Davis, Corey S.; Stralberg, Diana; Janes, Jasmine K.; Hallworth, Michael T.; Foster, Kenneth R.; Chidambara-vasi, Easwaramurthyvasi; Grossi, Alexandra A.; Gorrell, Jamieson C.; Krikun, Richard (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017-06-28)
    The objectives of this study were to describe and evaluate potential drivers of genetic structure in Canadian breeding populations of the Ovenbird, Seiurus aurocapilla. We performed genetic analyses on feather samples ...

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