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    • Food security on campus 

      LoScerbo, Christine; Shaw, Pamela (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2009)
      A strong link between university students and food is nothing new. What is new is the link between university students and food security. Food security is a broad topic that concerns more than just an immediately accessible ...
    • [Book review] A reader in Canadian planning: Linking theory and practice 

      Shaw, Pamela (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2010)
      Book review of "A Reader in Canadian Planning: Linking Theory and Practice" edited by Jill Grant (Scarborough, ON: Thomson Nelson, 2008).
    • [Book review] The geography of aging: preparing communities for the surge in seniors 

      Shaw, Pamela (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2011)
      Book review of "The Geography of Aging: Preparing Communities for the Surge in Seniors" by Gerald Hodge (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2008).
    • Say goodbye to small retail: Should we care? 

      Alexander, Don; Shaw, Pamela (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2012)
      This article poses the question as to why planners should be concerned about the declining health of the small retail sector. It looks at the contributions that this sector makes to the health and vibrancy of local ...
    • A roadmap to independence: The K'ómoks First Nation comprehensive community plan and developer guidelines 

      Mitchell, Alanna; Shaw, Pamela; Miller, Devon (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2015)
      Aweetnakula means “one with the land and sea” in Kwakwaka’wakw (one of the languages spoken by the people of K’ómoks First Nation). This phrase sums up the philosophy and direction of future development in K’ómoks ...
    • Uncovering and mapping place attachment in small cities 

      Vaugeois, Nicole; Williams, Alanna; Karsten, Sharon; Shaw, Pamela (TTRA Canada, 2016-09-26)
      Understanding the connections that visitors and residents have to places is critically important for tourism development. Aided with this knowledge, authentic experiences can be developed, stories can be uncovered and ...
    • Placemaking through deep cultural mapping: The Where is Here? project 

      Vaugeois, Nicole; Rosser, Sunny; Karsten, Sharon; Williams, Alanna; Shaw, Pamela (World Leisure Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation at Vancouver Island University, 2016-12)
      One of the most visible avenues used by small cities to retain competitiveness can be seen in the attempts to revitalize their downtown areas to create places and spaces enjoyed and valued by residents and visitors. Formerly ...
    • The establishment of a database on current research in UNESCO biosphere reserves: limitations and opportunities 

      Shaw, Pamela; Price, Martin F.; Alexander, Taylor; Gadoya, Rushi; Sakaki, Graham; Shaw, Lauren (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2017-08)
      The investigation into current research on biosphere reserves is complex and multi-faceted. Numerous factors, including the widespread interests of those publishing on biosphere reserves, publication methods, author ...
    • Collaborative governance and watershed management in biosphere reserves in Brazil and Canada 

      Paes Ferreira, Maria Inês; Shaw, Pamela; Sakaki, Graham Kenneth; Alexander, Taylor; Donnini, Jade Golzio Barqueta; Rego, Virgínia Villas Boas Sá (IPABHi, 2018)
      Water management within vulnerable ecosystems managed by multiple jurisdictions can be very complex. This study compares regulatory environments and deconstructs the approaches used for watershed governance and environmental ...
    • Identifying and monitoring of forage fish spawning beaches in British Columbia's Salish Sea for conservation of forage fish 

      Tomlin, Haley; Schellenberg, Chrissy; Barrs, Jacklyn B.; Vivani, Alanna J.S.; Shaw, Pamela (Canadian Science Publishing, 2021-06-24)
      Pacific sand lance (Ammodytes personatus) and surf smelt (Hypomesus pretiosus) are ecologically important forage fish in the marine food webs within the Salish Sea, including British Columbia (BC). Although important, ...
    • The view from the Island: What's on the horizon for VIU 

      Fischer, Felicia; Holland, Mark; Shaw, Pamela (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2021-12)
      This article marks the second in a series of brief insights on ideas emerging from British Columbia's planning schools-the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Island University (VIU), ...
    • The private sector as a partner for SDG 6-related issues in megacities: Opportunities and challenges in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

      Ferreira, Maria Inês Paes; Oliveira, Vicente de Paulo Santos de; Sakaki, Graham; Shaw, Pamela (MDPI, 2022-01-29)
      This article reviews recent studies that address water sustainable management opportunities and challenges in megacities around the world, with an emphasis on the case of Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region, one of the ...