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  • The re-greening of North America: An overview of green politics and philosophy 

    Alexander, Don (LightStar Press, 1987)
    Don Alexander provides an overview of green politics and philosophy. He shows how the various issues connected with ecopolitics fit in the larger terrain. Form his paper we get an idea of where deep ecology might fit ...
  • The Resurgence of Place 

    Alexander, Don (Alternatives, Inc., 2002)
    Over the past 30 years or so, a rich new movement in scholarship and advocacy has explored how better design of the urban environment can affect human behaviour and improve well-being.
  • The Rise of Modernism and the Decline of Place: The Case of Surrey City Centre, Canada [post-print] 

    Natrasony, Shawn M.; Alexander, Don (Routledge, 2005)
    This paper reviews the ideology of modernism in a North American context and discusses how its various attributes are embodied in the Surrey City Centre development in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. ...
  • Say Goodbye to Small Retail: Should We Care? 

    Alexander, Don; Shaw, Pamela (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2012)
    This article poses the question as to why planners should be concerned about the declining health of the small retail sector. It looks at the contributions that this sector makes to the health and vibrancy of local ...
  • Smart Growth Canada Network develops innovative online courses for municipalities [pre-print] 

    Alexander, Don (Municipal World Inc., 2006-11)
    Over the last couple of years, a new organization has emerged with direct relevance to municipal governments, their elected officials and employees. Smart Growth Canada Network (SGCN) was initially established in 2003 as ...
  • Smart Growth in Canada: Implementation of a Planning Concept 

    Tomalty, Ray; Alexander, Don (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation / Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement, 2005-08)
    Recently, a broad consensus has emerged concerning the growth and development of Canadian cities: our cities, as they have grown over the last 60 years, are contributing significantly to global and regional environmental ...
  • South Wellington Community Process: An Experiment in Service Learning 

    Alexander, Don (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2008-03)
    Article outlining a service learning project, where students from Malaspina University-College's Geography 346 (Urban Growth Management) class worked with residents of South Wellington to help prepare the community for an ...
  • Southeast False Creek at the crossroads 

    Alexander, Don (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 1997)
    As we approach the end of the millennium, a peculiar convergence is taking place. For years the nascent urban ecology movement in Vancouver has laboured with minimal recognition and success ... until now. Over the last ...
  • Sustainable development in Canadian context: A critical review 

    Alexander, Taylor; Paes Ferreira, Maria Inês; Alexander, Don (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Fluminense, 2016)
    Despite increased demand for sustainable development in Canada and around the world, the efforts to change unsustainable growth frameworks have been piecemeal and wholly ineffective. Neoliberal capitalism and economy-first ...
  • The Symbolic Landscape of the Oak Ridges Moraine: Its Influence on Conservation in Ontario, Canada 

    Fisher, John R.; Alexander, Don (Wilfrid Laurier University, Geography and Environmental Studies, 1993)
    Over the past several centuries, the landscape of the Oak Ridges Interlobate Moraine has emerged as the product of a continuous dialogue between its "objective" definition and the "subjective" cultural baggage that people ...
  • A tale of three universities: Sustainability, from theory to practice 

    Alexander, Don; Jack, Pamela (Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers, 2015-03)
    From 2012 to 2014, we conducted an applied policy analysis of sustainability policy and practice at three universities in British Columbia: University of Northern British Columbia, Royal Roads University, and Vancouver ...
  • Trail-blazing in False Creek: Building a Heritage Pathway is One Way to Link Community, History and Ecology 

    Alexander, Don; McKenzie, Hilda (Alternatives, Inc., 1999)
    Building a heritage pathway is one way to link community, history and ecology in a single project. Plans for a False Creek Heritage Trail to complement the uncovered or "daylighted" False Creek in Vancouver are discussed.
  • Urban Amnesia: The Fate of Habitat '76 

    Alexander, Don (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2011)
    Thirty-five years ago, an event occurred in Vancouver that would change the face of urban policy worldwide. The conference was Habitat '76, usually known as Habitat I. Habitat I was actually two conferences. The first ...
  • Urban environmental degradation: Causes and solutions [pre-print] 

    Alexander, Don (Nova Science Publishers, 2016)
    This chapter summarizes the nature of urban environmental degradation, and its ideological and institutional roots. These have to do with the often pro-development orientation of municipal councils, the dependence of ...
  • Urban Heritage Trail an Innovative Way to Highlight Local History 

    Alexander, Don (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2003-12)
  • Urban policy for sustainable development: Taking a wide-angle view 

    Alexander, Don; Tomalty, Ray (Institute of Urban Studies, 1994)
    In this review of literature relevant to urban policy for sustainable development, we consider both empirical writings and more "visionary" work. The two aspects that will be considered in our review of urban policy for ...
  • Urban renewal [Book Review] Resilient cities: Responding to peak oil and climate change 

    Alexander, Don (Alternatives Inc., 2010)
    Review of the book "Resilient cities: Responding to peak oil and climate change" by Peter Newman, Timothy Beatley, and Heather Boyer (Washington, DC: Island Press, 2009).