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Recent Submissions

  • Grief-writing: Navigating ecological suffering through a relational pedagogy 

    Latremouille, Jodi (Art/Research International, 2022-12-04)
    It’s been a tough couple of years. Each one among us could list off the news headlines as a lengthy and overwhelming reminder. And each one among us could certainly curate a personalized list that amplifies and extends ...
  • Good neighbours, good friends: Promising practices for "Partners in Place" 

    Shergill, Shashi; Latremouille, Jodi (The Center for Holistic Education, Southern Oregon University, 2021-11-14)
    This piece is a series of dialogues and reflections about an ongoing learning partnership between Connect Charter School and Chilla Elementary School of the Tsuut’ina Nation in Calgary, Alberta, both situated on Treaty 7 ...
  • Now has always been the time 

    Lyle, Ellyn; Latremouille, Jodi; Jardine, David W. (Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 2021-03-16)
    Beginning from the assumption that we must learn to wonder as we wander, our writing here aims to advance theory and practice as they relate to walking. We understand walking as both an intentional physical activity and a ...
  • Walking softly in the bush: Apprenticing to the Earth in an ecological curriculum 

    Latremouille, Jodi; Latremouille, Vern (Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 2021-03-16)
    In this piece, we conceptualize walking in the bush as an act of ecological apprenticing. Even after many years of learning/teaching, we also attune to the limits of our knowledge, seeing ourselves as continually evolving ...
  • Classroom management: De-coding the young ones of Room 1202 

    Latremouille, Jodi (American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, 2019-05-16)
    In this poetic inquiry I explore the complex relationship between teachers, administrators and students as they build trusting, caring and critically-minded relationships in the classroom. This is important because through ...
  • Silence, discipline and student bodies 

    Latremouille, Jodi (Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 2018-08-31)
    In this ecological poetic inquiry, I contemplate a curriculum of silence, discipline and student bodies. As I seek to work through and against the entrenched-knowings of school and schooling in these ecologically urgent ...
  • kistikwânihk êsko kitêhk: Storying holistic understandings in English 

    Latremouille, Jodi; Bell, Antonella; Kasamali, Zahra; Krahn, Mandy; Tait, Lesley; Donald, Dwayne (Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 2016-11-25)
    Learning alongside Dr. Dwayne Donald and Elder Bob Cardinal in a Holistic Understandings of Learning class held in Fall 2014 on Enoch Cree Nation evoked different ways of living well and wisely in the world. This course ...
  • Raising a reader: Teachings from the Four Directions 

    Latremouille, Jodi (Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education, 2016-04-03)
    In this two-part life writing script, I narrate and interpret my experiences as a teacher and parent of a “reluctant reader” in the early phases of learning to read. In the first part, I address the myths and panics that ...
  • Reimaging teacher education through design thinking principles: Curriculum in the key of life 

    Latremouille, Jodi; Grant, Kimberley; Kalu, Frances; Dodsworth, Dianne; Knowlton Cockett, Polly; Mitchell-Pellett, Mary-Ann; Paul, Jim (Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 2015-11-20)
    Inspired by Arendt’s (2009) “task of renewing a common world” (p. 193), a team of ten instructors took on the challenge of reimagining a teacher preparation course entitled Curriculum II - Arts & Humanities. Through the ...
  • A modern hunting tradition 

    Latremouille, Jodi (Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2015)
    Latremouille’s compelling narrative speaks to the need to incorporate multiple perspectives to gain a deeper understanding of our world. In the intergenerational conversation between young and old one notices the unspoken ...
  • Poetic inquiry as visiting: Stories of Men 

    Latremouille, Jodi (Faculty of Education, University of Regina, 2014-06-20)
    This article is a reflection on how stories can come to inhabit a place in a pedagogical way, as Keith Basso notes, “wisdom sits in places” (1996). In this story, I write about my experiences teaching a college preparation ...
  • My treasured relation 

    Latremouille, Jodi (Journal of Applied Hermeneutics, 2014-01-24)
    This article is a hermeneutic work about the author's loss of her cousin to childhood cancer and the poetic reflection that arises when one gives oneself over to writing about it.