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dc.contributor.advisorDale, Ann
dc.contributor.authorCheatham, Walter
dc.description.abstractHumanity’s future is dismal as long as it continues to exist devoid of community with each other and with Nature as a whole. To better observe being-in-community, this study analyzed ecological agriculture, a practice in which the well-being of the farmer is reciprocally tied to that of the land, as analogous to the more comprehensive relationship between humans and Nature. This study used photo elicitation, a method which integrates photographs by and interviews of the five participating ecological farmers, and a phenomenological lens to discern the convivially physiological art of being-in-community: listening to all voices as equal and possessing value and contribution; making room for chaos, the unexpected; learning, from a place of not-knowing; where the inevitability of impermanence is embraced, incorporated, reconstituted as a simultaneity of what was, what is, and what will be; where the quintessence, self, reconciles paradox, crystallizing diversity into the unity of community.
dc.subjectEcological Agriculture
dc.titleFinding Arcadia : ecological agriculture and the art of being in community
dc.language.rfc3066en in Environmental Education and Communication of Environment and Sustainability

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