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    • Extending the theoretical framing for physics education research: An illustrative application of complexity science 

      Forsman, Jonas; Moll, Rachel; Linder, Cedric (American Physical Society, 2014-09-24)
      The viability of using complexity science in physics education research (PER) is exemplified by (1) situating central tenets of student persistence research in complexity science and (2) drawing on the methods that become ...
    • Social media use among pre-service primary teachers 

      Nielsen, Wendy; Moll, Rachel; Farrell, Teresa; McDaid, Nicole; Hoban, Garry (TEIR Center, Duquesne University, 2013)
      This research explores preservice science teachers' social media practices as a first step in considering how to better utilize these tools in preservice teacher education. This is an important issue as these teachers ...
    • Teaching introductory physics with an environmental focus 

      Martinuk, Mathew "Sandy"; Moll, Rachel; Kotlicki, Andrzej (AIP Publishing, 2010)
      Throughout North America the curriculum of introductory physics courses is nearly standardized. In 1992, Tobias wrote that four texts dominate 90% of the introductory physics market and current physics education research ...