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    • Authenticity in cultural tourism and Aboriginal empowerment in Northern Canada 

      de la Barre, Suzanne (Canadian Circumpolar Institute, 2005)
      "Authenticity" will be investigated in light of research that contributes to a better understanding for the processes involved in the empowerment of marginalized cultural groups and communities that are involved in ...
    • Tourism and Arctic observation systems: Exploring the relationships 

      de la Barre, Suzanne; Maher, Patrick; Dawson, Jackie; Hillmer-Pegram, Kevin; Huijbens, Edward; Lamers, Machiel; Liggett, Daniela; Müller, Dieter; Pashkevich, Albina; Stewart, Emma (Norwegian Polar Institute, 2016-03-01)
      The Arctic is affected by global environmental change and also by diverse interests from many economic sectors and industries. Over the last decade, various actors have attempted to explore the options for setting up ...
    • Arctic tourism in times of change: Seasonality 

      Rantala, Outi; de la Barre, Suzanne; Granås, Brynhild; Jóhannesson, Gunnar Þór; Müller, Dieter K.; Saarinen, Jarkko; Tervo-Kankare, Kaarina; Maher, Patrick T.; Niskala, Maaria (Nordic Council of Ministers, 2019)
      The seasonal nature of tourism is increasingly receiving the attention of various actors: tourism destination planners and economic development strategists at all levels, tour operators and the diverse businesses that ...
    • Indigenous tourism 

      de la Barre, Suzanne; Brown, Frank; Ferguson, Rob; Pinel, David (BCcampus, 2020)
      This chapter explores the global context for Indigenous tourism development, the history of the sector, and important facts about Indigenous tourism in BC, Canada and internationally.
    • Urban tourism in the wilderness city Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada) 

      de la Barre, Suzanne (Nordic Council of Ministers, 2020)
      The City of Whitehorse is located in Canada’s northwestern most territory, Yukon, and is a “small city in a big place”. Accordingly, many of its urban characteristics are similar to those of cities found in other circumpolar ...
    • Creative Yukon: Finding data to tell the cultural economy story 

      de la Barre, Suzanne (University of Calgary, 2021)
      In chapter 4, Suzanne de la Barre illustrates how cultural mapping is essential to the process of placemaking. Using the Yukon as an example, she argues for the necessity of uncovering and using data at the local level to ...
    • Reflections on place, identity and tourism research (and finding one's place in the world) 

      de la Barre, Suzanne (The University of Queensland, 2021)
      My input to this collection on women’s contributions to tourism research takes the form of what I would loosely call a “research note”. Much of my research is influenced by an almost life-long love affair with place and ...
    • Letter from Suzanne de la Barre 

      de la Barre, Suzanne (The University of Queensland, 2021)
      Letter to future tourism researcher colleagues.
    • Arctic tourism in times of change: Uncertain futures - from overtourism to re-starting tourism 

      Jóhannesson, Gunnar Thór; Welling, Johannes; Müller, Dieter K.; Lundmark, Linda; Nilsson, Robert O.; de la Barre, Suzanne; Granås, Brynhild; Kvidal-Røvik, Trine; Rantala, Outi; Tervo-Kankare, Kaarina; Maher, Patrick (Nordic Council of Ministers, 2022-02-24)
      This report presents the findings of the third and final workshop and field course hosted by the project Partnership for Sustainability: Arctic Tourism in Times of Change funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic ...