Hany Fahmy is an associate professor and the finance intellectual lead of the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University. Fahmy’s field of specialization is time series econometrics and its applications to economic/finance theory. In his research, he uses tools from mathematics and statistics to test hypotheses in finance and economics. Recently, Fahmy became more interested in decision theory. His current research focuses on extending classical consumer choice theory to account for multiple preference orderings. His extension theorem has many interesting applications in various fields. Fahmy’s work has been published in many academic journals. Fahmy has taught economics, finance, statistics and mathematics at various academic institutions in Canada and other countries. He has taught and supervised student research in MBA and PhD programs. In addition to his academic appointments, Fahmy has more than 10 years experience in financial and economic consulting. He has performed various market studies, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis and project appraisals for both private and public sector clients. Fahmy holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Concordia University (2012), a masters degree in Economics from the American University, and an undergraduate degree in mathematics from University of Toronto. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Foreign Trade. He was awarded the Balvir Singh Award for academic excellence on the basis of an outstanding GPA of 4.02 in the PhD program from Concordia University in 2011.

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