Brian Belcher’s research has focused on understanding and improving the role and potential of natural resources to sustainably contribute to rural development and on research effectiveness. Belcher served as director of the Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology at RRU from 2007 to 2013, when he became the university's first Tier 1 Canada Research Chair. As a CRC, he is leading a program in sustainability research effectiveness that aims to develop theory and methodology for evaluating sustainability research in complex transdisciplinary contexts and to conduct comparative analyses and evaluations of a series of sustainability research projects. Belcher teaches in the Doctor of Social Sciences program and supervises master's and doctoral students. He is also a senior associate scientist with the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Consortium Research Program of Forests, Trees and Agroforestry, where he is a member of the monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment team. He is a founding member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Evaluation Community of Practice. Belcher is an avid cyclist and president of the Greater Victoria Velodrome Association.

Recent Submissions

  • Balancing Development and Conservation? An Assessment of Livelihood and Environmental Outcomes of Nontimber Forest Product Trade in Asia, Africa, and Latin America 

    Kusters, Koen; Achdiawan, Ramadhani; Belcher, Brian; Ruiz Pérez, Manuel (Resilience Alliance, 2006)
    This article addresses the question, to what extent and under which conditions nontimber forest product (NTFP) trade leads to both livelihood improvement and forest conservation. We based the analysis on a standardized ...
  • Forest product markets, forests and poverty reduction 

    Belcher, Brian (Commonwealth Forestry Association, 2005)
    There is a new and increasing emphasis on poverty alleviation and livelihoods improvement in forestry, representing both a challenge and an opportunity. This paper briefly reviews the evolution of the ‘livelihoods’ issue, ...
  • Looking through the bamboo curtain: an analysis of the changing role of forest and farm income in rural livelihoods in China 

    Ruiz Pérez, M.; Belcher, Brian; Fu, Maoyi; Yang, Xiaosheng (Commonwealth Forestry Association, 2004)
    Forestry and poverty analyses in China show an ambiguous relationship. While the co-occurrence of forest rich areas and poor counties has been noted by some authors, others have stressed the role played by forestry in ...
  • The relationship between forest research and forest management in China: an analysis of four leading Chinese forestry journals 

    Ruiz Pérez, M.; Fu, M.; Xie, J.; Yang, X.; Belcher, Brian (Commonwealth Forestry Association, 2004)
    We analyse the collaboration between forestry research institutions and forestry departments in China based on a bibliometric study of four leading Chinese forestry journals. Multiple-authored papers are frequent, and ...
  • Markets Drive the Specialization Strategies of Forest Peoples 

    Ruiz-Pérez, Manuel; Belcher, Brian; Achdiawan, Ramadhani; Alexiades, Miguel; Aubertin, Catherine; Caballero, Javier; Campbell, Bruce; Clement, Charles; Cunningham, Tony; Fantini, Alfredo; de Foresta, Hubert; Fernández, Carmen García; Gautam, Krishna H.; Martínez, Paul Hersch; de Jong, Wil; Kusters, Koen; Kutty, M. Govindan; López, Citlalli; Fu, Maoyi; Alfaro, Miguel Angel Martínez; Raghavan Nair, T.K.; Ndoye, Ousseynou; Ocampo, Rafael; Rai, Nitin; Ricker, Martin; Schreckenberg, Kate; Shackleton, Sheona; Shanley, Patricia; Sunderland, Terry; Youn, Yeo-Chang (Resilience Alliance, 2004)
    Engagement in the market changes the opportunities and strategies of forest-related peoples. Efforts to support rural development need to better understand the potential importance of markets and way people respond to them. ...