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  • Heritage volunteering management – approaching the younger volunteers in British Columbia 

    Le, Khanh (2021-03-09)
    In Canada, volunteers significantly contribute to the core value of heritage sector – the continuation of histories, traditions, and experiences. However, volunteers from the younger generations have not yet been attracted ...
  • Sustainable elements of the backpacker experience 

    Knowles, Heather (2014-07-15)
    The aim of this paper is to explore how environmental practices contribute to the backpacker experience at hostels. Discovery of what environmental practices positively or negatively affect the backpacker experience will ...
  • The role of women in travel services in British Columbia 

    Westcott, Morgan (2014-03-18)
    According to a CTHRC online article, in less than twenty years “the potential labour shortage in tourism could reach a staggering 348,000 full-year jobs” (Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council, 2008a, ¶ 1). Women represent ...