The Royal Roads Military College (RRMC) operated on the current site of Royal Roads University between the years of 1968 and 1995. A number of legacy RRMC research documents remain under the care of RRU, including the Coastal Marine Science Laboratory manuscript reports.

This is a collection of seven research reports that focus on Esquimalt Lagoon and surrounding bodies of water. Research, conducted between the years of 1978 and 1980, looks at effluents, speciation and succession of zooplankton, sediment distribution, red tides, and bottom and sub-bottom surveys.

Recent Submissions

  • Sub-bottom surveys of harbours near Victoria, B.C. 

    Schurer, P.J. (2009-06-18)
    The coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, is indented by many bays and inlets. Reconnaissance surveys of the bottom and sub-bottom of Victoria Harbour, Esquimalt Harbour, Royal Roads, Pedder Bay, Parry Bay, ...
  • Study of sediment distribution in Esquimalt Harbour 

    Baudat, C.; MacFarlane, W.T.; Madill, J.W. (2009-06-18)
    Descriptive literature dealing with Esquimalt Harbour has always listed it as having a "first-class holding bottom for anchorage" (Forde 9, 1925). The harbour is also the site of an important Canadian Naval Base. The harbour ...
  • Speciation and succession of zooplankton in Esquimalt Lagoon, BC 

    Brauser, T.; Robinson, M.G. (1979)
    The speciation, abundance and seasonal succession of the zooplankton in Esquimalt Lagoon was studied during 1978 and part of 1979. A brief comparison with the zooplankton in adjacent waters was also made. The lagoon is ...
  • Red tide in Esquimalt Lagoon due to gymnodinium sanguineum hirasaka 

    Robinson, M.G.; Watanabe, L.N. (Nov-1979)
    During a 1-year intensive monitoring program of Esquimalt Lagoon, B.C., a red tide occurred in September and October, 1978, involving the non-toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium sanguineum. Detailed information is therefore ...
  • First report on bottom studies of Esquimalt Harbour 

    Duffus, H.J. (Nov-1978)
    Studies of the bottom and sub-bottom sediments of Esquimalt Harbour were undertaken principally during the later part of FY 1978, using a sub-bottom profiler, side scan sonar, and grab sampler with position fixing by radar. ...
  • Ecology of Esquimalt Lagoon. 1. Nutrient inputs: the role of sewage 

    Robinson, M.G.; Watanabe, L.N. (Sep-1980)
    An investigation has been conducted into the importance of sewage as a source of nutrients to a small, eutrophic lagoon. Weekly months of nitrate, ammonia and orthophosphate in lagoon water and in five streams discharging ...
  • Predictions of effluent fields discharged into Royal Roads 

    Krauel, D.P. (Aug-1978)
    A method is devised to predict the "worst case" shoreline concentrations in the effluent field discharged from a submerged ocean outfall. Three phases in the dilution process are recognized and are combined into an empirical ...