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    • Looking through the bamboo curtain: an analysis of the changing role of forest and farm income in rural livelihoods in China 

      Ruiz Pérez, M.; Belcher, Brian; Fu, Maoyi; Yang, Xiaosheng (Commonwealth Forestry Association, 2004)
      Forestry and poverty analyses in China show an ambiguous relationship. While the co-occurrence of forest rich areas and poor counties has been noted by some authors, others have stressed the role played by forestry in ...
    • Markets Drive the Specialization Strategies of Forest Peoples 

      Ruiz-Pérez, Manuel; Belcher, Brian; Achdiawan, Ramadhani; Alexiades, Miguel; Aubertin, Catherine; Caballero, Javier; Campbell, Bruce; Clement, Charles; Cunningham, Tony; Fantini, Alfredo; de Foresta, Hubert; Fernández, Carmen García; Gautam, Krishna H.; Martínez, Paul Hersch; de Jong, Wil; Kusters, Koen; Kutty, M. Govindan; López, Citlalli; Fu, Maoyi; Alfaro, Miguel Angel Martínez; Raghavan Nair, T.K.; Ndoye, Ousseynou; Ocampo, Rafael; Rai, Nitin; Ricker, Martin; Schreckenberg, Kate; Shackleton, Sheona; Shanley, Patricia; Sunderland, Terry; Youn, Yeo-Chang (Resilience Alliance, 2004)
      Engagement in the market changes the opportunities and strategies of forest-related peoples. Efforts to support rural development need to better understand the potential importance of markets and way people respond to them. ...