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    • The banks and market manipulation: A financial strain analysis of the libor fraud 

      Lokanan, Mark (Advances in Public Interest Accounting, 2019)
      The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is considered to be the most important interest rate in finance upon which trillions in financial contracts are decided. In 2008, it was revealed that the LIBOR traders were rigging ...
    • A study of authentic assessment in an internship course 

      Wilson-Mah, Rebecca (Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, 2019)
      Internship courses are an active and applied opportunity to integrate educational learning programs and courses within practice settings. Individual learners in internship courses have different work internship placements ...
    • A posthumanist critique of flexible online learning and its “anytime anyplace” claims 

      Houlden, Shandell; Veletsianos, George (British Journal of Educational Technology, 2019)
      Flexible approaches to online learning are gaining renewed interest in some part due to their capacity to address emergent opportunities and concerns facing higher education. Importantly, flexible approaches to online ...
    • Linking transdisciplinary research characteristics and quality to effectiveness: A comparative analysis of five research-for-development projects 

      Belcher, Brian; Claus, Rachel; Davel, Rachel; Ramirez, Luisa (Environmental Science & Policy, 2019)
      More and more effective research is needed to help address complex sustainability problems. Many research approaches have adopted more transdisciplinary characteristics as a way to improve effectiveness. However, empirical ...
    • DNA metabarcoding allows non-invasive identification of arthropod prey provisioned to nestling Rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus) 

      Moran, Alison J.; Prosser, Sean J. W.; Moran, Jonathan (Peer J, 2019)
      Hummingbirds consume sugars from nectar, sap and honeydew, and obtain protein, fat and minerals from arthropods. To date, the identity of arthropod taxa in hummingbird diets has been investigated by observation of foraging ...
    • Social Media for Scholarship playlist 

      Veletsianos, George; The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group (George Veletsianos and The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group, 2019)
      Social Media for Scholarship includes 12 videos: "How US Colleges & Universities Use Twitter?", "How are hashtags and Twitter used in MOOCs?", "How Do Professors and Students Use Twitter?", "Using Twitter as a Conference ...
    • Open & Digital Learning Environments playlist 

      Veletsianos, George; The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group (George Veletsianos and The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group, 2019)
      Open & Digital Learning Environments playlist includes seven videos: "Student Experiences in Open, Online Learning", "Who studies MOOCs?", "Digging Deeper Into Learners’ Experiences in MOOCs", "Emergence and Innovation in ...
    • What to expect from antidepressant withdrawal 

      Hartney, Elizabeth (Verywell Mind, 2018-07-09)
      Before you quit taking anti-depressant medication, consider why you are quitting. Remember, depression is a serious and potentially life-threatening illness if it is not properly treated. It's important to consider all of ...
    • 5 harm reduction tips for heroin users 

      Hartney, Elizabeth (Verywell Mind, 2018-07-02)
      If you use heroin, you're taking your life into your hands every time you use. There are many risks and harms associated with heroin use and the drug trade that enables it. The only true way to avoid involving yourself in ...
    • The comedown, crash, or rebound effect you get after taking drugs 

      Hartney, Elizabeth (Verywell Mind, 2018-06-27)
      A rebound effect, a crash, and a comedown, are all drug after-effects that cause different symptoms. It is important to understand each condition and how each set of symptoms plays a role in addiction.
    • The fentanyl crisis 

      Hartney, Elizabeth (Verywell Mind, 2018-06-12)
      Although the medical use of fentanyl has declined recently, illicit fentanyl and its analogs and derivatives have become a significant part of the larger opioid crisis which has spread across the United States and Canada, ...
    • How to manage a drunk relative 

      Hartney, Elizabeth (Verywell Mind, 2018-05-31)
      Situations vary among adult family members of people who drink too much. You might be a drinker yourself, or you may have decided not to follow in your relatives' footsteps, but dealing with an older relative who is often ...
    • Drug overdose signs and treatment 

      Hartney, Elizabeth (Verywell Mind, 2018-03-07)
      Knowing an overdose definition can save lives. We hear a lot in the news about people ending up in the hospital or even dying after taking an overdose of drugs, but what exactly is an overdose? Improve your understanding ...
    • Coast Defence 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      During the Second World War Fort Rodd Hill in Victoria, BC became a significant point of national defence. Built by Britain’s Royal Navy in the 1890s, Fort Rodd Hill was updated in the early 1940s to defend the coast against ...
    • Mennonite Conscientious Objectors 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      As a young teenager, Mennonite conscientious objector, Don Regier, read the book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, which solidified his belief that war could never be justified. When called to fight in the ...
    • Internment 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      During the First World War, Canada was part of the British Empire and fought with Britain against Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. These four countries were known as the Central Powers. The Canadian ...
    • Training Polish Soldiers 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      In 1917, more than 22,000 Polish volunteers came to Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario to train for the First World War. These men were special because although most of them were Polish immigrants, they lived in the United ...
    • War Horses 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      Soldiers weren’t the only ones who risked their lives on First World War battlefields. Thousands of Canadian horses also served the war effort. They transported men, hauled equipment, and towed heavy guns and ambulances. ...
    • Dominion Arsenal 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      During the First World War, thousands of Canadian men went overseas to fight. These men left their lives and jobs behind. Many Canadian women went to work to fill the jobs left by the men. For some of these women, it was ...
    • Introduction 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)