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    • An analysis of environmental regulatory compliance 

      Marble, Clinton Douglas (2014-12-05)
      The future of North American energy supplies lie in a source of unconventional gas known as coalbed methane (CBM). As with any hydrocarbon resource, its exploration and production poses risks to the environment that can ...
    • The effect and management of air quality in Prince George 

      Chen, Dale Zhu Dong (2014-11-05)
      Air pollution comprised of particulate matter 10μm (PM10), particulate matter 2.5μm (PM2.5), ground level ozone (O3) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) has documented impacts on public health, which led governments ...
    • Navigating the waters : exploring the roles of provincial water NGOs in decision-making 

      Armstrong, Heather (2014-03-06)
      The principles of adaptive water governance blends many of the components of adaptive and comanagement, specifically iterative and social learning to foster adaptation and collective action. While many of the principles ...