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dc.contributor.authorVannini, Phillip
dc.contributor.authorMcCright, Aaron M.
dc.identifier.citationAaron M. McCright, Phillip Vannini. To Die For: The Semiotic Seductive Power of the Tanned Body. Symbolic Interaction. Summer 2004, Vol. 27, No. 3, Pages 309–332 , DOI 10.1525/si.2004.27.3.309. Posted online on September 9, 2004. (doi:10.1525/si.2004.27.3.309)en_US
dc.identifier.otherDOI: 10.1525/si.2004.27.3.309en
dc.descriptionOriginal published version available electronically via Caliber: Journals of the University of California Press
dc.description.abstractHuman skin burns with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. This simple physiological process acquires meaning through social interaction—whereby tanned skin assumes symbolic and semiotic properties. In this article we examine the meanings of tanned skin by focusing on the semiotic seductive power of the tanned body. Drawing from forty qualititative interviews, we examine the motives, beliefs, and experiences of people who tan their skin artificially, that is, through exposure to tanning lamps, in order to understand how tanned skin assumes meaning for them. We analyze the practice of artificial tanning and the interplay among processes of seduction, impression management, self-expression, and the construction, exchange, and interpretation of embodied sign-values.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of California Pressen_US
dc.titleTo Die For: The Semiotic Seductive Power of the Tanned Bodyen_US

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  • Vannini, Phillip
  • Vannini, Phillip
    Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography; Professor, Communication and Culture, Interdisciplinary Studies

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