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    • Getting through tough times : interpersonal communication coping strategies during job loss 

      Nolin, Julie (2010-09-16)
      This research paper describes what role interpersonal communication plays in coping with and accepting job loss. The study is framed by theories of stress, appraisal, coping, and the theory of Fundamental Interpersonal ...
    • Nursing students at VIU: Healthy U Cowichan 

      Boland, Candace; Savage, Samantha; Ralfs, Alexandra; O'Halloran, Trish; Stewart, Courtenay (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018-04-12)
      As a group of nursing students working in the community at VIU Cowichan, Healthy-U seeks to learn what the most common and significant student stressors exist for the student population.