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    • Authenticity and Children’s Engagement with Writing 

      Jones, Shelley (Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada, 2015)
      Authentic literacy activities engage children with meaningful reading and writing (Duke, Purcell-Gates, Hall, & Tower, 2006), but little investigation has been conducted into the relationship of the kinds of writing children ...
    • The community library as site of education and empowerment for women: Insights from rural Uganda 

      Jones, Shelley (Libri, 2009)
      Community libraries in developing countries can be important sites of knowledge exchange and acquisition for women with little or no formal education living in communities characterized by extreme poverty and gender ...
    • Literacy interventions for students with hearing impairments 

      Henault, Marley (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2022)
      Literacy development for students with hearing impairments remains an area of study with little research. According to the literature, students who have severe hearing impairment or deafness struggle to develop their ...