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    • Multi-scaffolding learning environment: An analysis of scaffolding and its impact on cognitive load and problem-solving ability 

      Doering, Aaron; Veletsianos, George (Journal of Educational Computing Research, 2007)
      A Multi-Scaffolding Environment (MSE) is a multimedia environment reliant on authentic scaffolding. We examine the impact of the availability of multiple scaffolds on learning and cognitive load within an MSE where learners ...
    • Negative numbers in simple arithmetic 

      Das, Runa; LeFevre, Jo-Anne; Penner-Wilger, Marcie (Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2010)
      Are negative numbers processed differently than positive numbers in arithmetic problems? In two experiments, adults (N = 66) solved standard addition and subtraction problems such as 3 + 4 and 7 – 4 and recasted versions ...