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    • 28-29 April 1944. HMCS Haida 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      HMCS Haida is one of 27 tribal class ships built for the British, Canadian, and Australian navies in the 1930s and 1940s. It is the only one that survives today. The ship is now the focal point of Parks Canada’s HMCS Haida ...
    • A Cap-and-Trade roadmap for Canada : lessons learned from international experiences 

      Brown, Jason R L (2017-07-19)
      In the pursuit of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through climate action planning policymakers have been establishing carbon pricing (Yamin, 2012). Through partnership with the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) the ...
    • Aerodrome of Democracy 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      130,000 pilots and other aircrew through the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) trained in Canada during the Second World War. Because of the wide-open spaces, proximity to American technology, and that it ...
    • An exploratory study In challenges faced by intelligence leaders and practitioners from goal and structural conflicts 

      Janes, Andrew (2018-07-24)
      This qualitative study explored the challenges faced by the leadership/management and practitioners of intelligence organizations that cause goal and structural conflicts within intelligence organizations. The study included ...
    • Articulating the GEMINI model of entrepreneurial innovation in Canada 

      McIntyre, Sharon Marie (2018-09-21)
      This research used a comparative case study methodology to closely examine an emergent phenomenon in the field of entrepreneurship. The literature review examined interconnected shifts in social values, evolving technology, ...
    • Athlete Social Responsibility (ASR) : a grounded theory inquiry into the social consciousness of elite athletes 

      Carter, Erin (2009-11-25)
      Sport in Canada is struggling to demonstrate that it is accountable, value-based, and socially responsible. Simultaneously, there is a growing consciousness among elite athletes to use the power and appeal of sport to ...
    • “Because it’s different when you cross that border” : examining black Canadian maleness in the era of black lives matter 

      Debique, Michelle (2016-10-25)
      The emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement has brought greater salience to the conceptualization of Black maleness and inspired a broader rethinking of Black maleness in relation to the North American society in ...
    • Canadian global leadership students engaged in strategic partnerships in Ecuador 

      Rowe, Wendy; Krause, Wanda; Hayes, Gary; Corak, Lisa; Wilcox, Robert; Vargas, Robert; Varela, Fabricio; Cordova, Fabricio; Boparai, Shina; Azam, Gesow (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2018)
      Recognizing the need to build global-minded citizens, higher education institutions are increasingly trying to find ways to leverage their international programs to develop students’ intercultural competence. The MA in ...
    • Canadian Women’s Army Corps 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      During the Second World War, the Canadian government recognized that allowing women to serve in the military, in non-combat roles, would free men to fight overseas. The Canadian Army created the Canadian Women’s Army Corps ...
    • Chinese Labour Corps 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      In 1917, 80,000 men from China arrived in Canada. They were on their way to France to work as labourers. They were a secret group called The Chinese Labour Corps (CLC). The arrived in British Columbia, where they were ...
    • Coast Defence 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      During the Second World War Fort Rodd Hill in Victoria, BC became a significant point of national defence. Built by Britain’s Royal Navy in the 1890s, Fort Rodd Hill was updated in the early 1940s to defend the coast against ...
    • Conclusion and Credits 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
    • Conclusion and Credits 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
    • Corporate strategy and corporate environmental responsibility in Canada : multiple descriptive case studies 

      Dixon, Peter Robert (2011-04-21)
      In recent years we have witnessed growing interest in corporate environmental responsibility and the concept of sustainability amongst businesses globally. Regardless of the motivation, be it competitive advantage, social ...
    • Diversity in Canadian election-related Twitter discourses: Influential voices and the media logic of #elxn42 and #cdnpoli hashtags 

      Hodson, Jaigris; Peterson, Brigitte (Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 2019)
      Using qualitative and quantitative content analysis of Twitter, this study examined 5,209 tweets with popular hashtags #elxn42 and #cdnpoli to determine what was discussed on the social media platform one week preceding ...
    • Dominion Arsenal 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      During the First World War, thousands of Canadian men went overseas to fight. These men left their lives and jobs behind. Many Canadian women went to work to fill the jobs left by the men. For some of these women, it was ...
    • An exploration of relationships between social media use and quality of life of adults diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 

      Marantz, Lauren Nicole (2017-05-04)
      This thesis was interdisciplinary in nature and explored the relationships between social media use and quality of life for adults who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The purpose of this exploratory ...
    • The Explosion 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      On December 6, 1917, it was a cold winter day in Halifax. It was big news when two big ships – the SS Mont Blanc (a French ship) and the SS Imo (a Norwegian ship) – accidentally crashed into each other in the Halifax Harbour.
    • German Prisoners of War 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      In Canada, 37,000 enemy soldiers were interned across 40 Prisoner of War (PoW) Camps during the Second World War. About 440 of those prisoners stayed at the Whitewater PoW Camp, located 300 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, ...
    • The Great Equalizer 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      Over 7300 Métis men and women who contributed to Canada’s war efforts from the First World War to the present day, are commemorated at the Métis Veterans Memorial Monument in Batoche in Saskatchewan. Specifically, during ...