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    • Radiation cookery book [title page] 

      Radiation (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1934)
      Distinctive features of "New World" cookers and general hints on their use, hors d'oeuvres, soups, fish, meat, vegetables and salads, puddings, pastry, bread biscuits and cakes, cheese egg and vegetarian dishes, invalid ...
    • Radio Cafe 

      Radio Cafe (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 19/11/2015)
      Menu from The Radio Caf̩ restaurant in Montreal, QC. Soup, salad, fish, entrees, roast, cold meat, vegetables, dessert.
    • Railways and mines in the Nanaimo area 

      Swanson, Robert E. (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1965)
      Audio recording of Robert E. Swanson's 1965 presentation to the Nanaimo Historical Society in which he talks about early coal mining, railways, and locomotives in the Nanaimo area.
    • Rainbow photo contest 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2002)
    • Rainwater harvesting in semi-arid Kenya : Practices and prospects 

      Mang'era, Janet Nyanduko (2017-06-08)
      The aim of this research was to investigate the practices that constrain or facilitate effective rainwater harvesting in semi-arid Kenya. At 647 cubic meters per capita water availability, Kenya is considered water scarce ...
    • Raising the bar for instructional outcomes: Towards transformative learning experiences. 

      Wilson, Brent G.; Parrish, Patrick; Veletsianos, George (Educational Technology, 2008)
      Most instructional technologists understand that instruction aims to be effective, efficient, and appealing. These three quality indicators have proven useful in establishing desired outcomes. In this article we suggest ...
    • Rapid and quantitative determination of fentanyls and pharmaceuticals from powdered drug samples by paper spray mass spectrometry 

      Borden, Scott A.; Saatchi, Armin; Krogh, Erik T.; Gill, Chris G. (Wiley-VCH, 2020-08-22)
      Paper spray mass spectrometry is presented as a direct, quantitative tool for the measurement of pharmaceutical drugs and a variety of fentanyl analogs in solid samples and powder slurries with the ultimate goal of ...
    • Rapid rehousing practice at a shelter for homeless youth 

      La Plante, Meagan Elaine (2017-07-19)
      This inquiry used an action research methodology to engage a youth emergency homeless shelter (YES) in Peterborough, Ontario, around better supporting their clients. Through this inquiry, the following research question ...
    • Ravenscourt recipes [title page] 

      Ravenscourt School Guild (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1955)
      Breads, soups, salads and dressings, luncheon and supper dishes, meats, fish and meat sauces, vegetables, desserts, pies, cookies and dainties, cakes and icings, preserves and pickles, miscellaneous.
    • Raves reviewed: An extended dance event bylaw 

      Hunter, Sylvia (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      As the rave community in Calgary grew from a small counterculture movement to a mainstream business activity, the City of Calgary enacted a bylaw to address issues associated with the rave events taking place in its ...
    • (Re)sourcing what gets thrown away : an artful journey of recovery and renewal 

      Pratt, Mara (2017-03-08)
      This research was conducted with a group of middle-aged women who participated in a series of four reflective walks together over four weeks in various natural settings in an effort to reconnect them with the more-than-human ...
    • Re-constructing the past : a critical discourse analysis of three alcohol memoirs 

      Van Egdom, Kevin (2020-06-30)
      The basic, objective manifestation of the problematic use of alcohol is a physical dependence on the substance. However, what we call alcohol addiction is a web of meanings that have become embedded through language in ...
    • Re-creation through recreation: Exploring contemporary perspectives of Indigenous leisure 

      Peterson, Britta (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2017-03-29)
      Poster highlighting research into what role leisure plays in the development of cultural identity for Coast Salish Indigenous peoples.
    • Re-energizing the not-for-profit sector : a critical discourse analysis of expenditures 

      Dawson, Bobbie Christina (2018-11-16)
      Discourse related to expenditures in the not-for-profit sector limits the capacity for these organizations to invest in long-term, sustainable solutions for change. Using a Foucauldian perspective and a Faircloughian ...
    • The re-greening of North America: An overview of green politics and philosophy 

      Alexander, Don (LightStar Press, 1987)
      Don Alexander provides an overview of green politics and philosophy. He shows how the various issues connected with ecopolitics fit in the larger terrain. Form his paper we get an idea of where deep ecology might fit ...
    • Re-imagining civic improvements 

      Pryce, Nick (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2017-12)
      Financial challenges face cities across North America and the bones behind our cities are requiring significant financial investment as a result of neglect or need for replacement. The question arises as to how we can ...
    • Re-vealing and re-personalizing: a journey via currere from burnout to resiliency 

      Heiman, Heide (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018)
      My intention in this study was to weave statistics, references, and studies throughout my story. I have researched extensively on the topic of burnout in special education teachers within their first 10 years of teaching. ...
    • Reaching common ground: The potential for interagency collaboration in UNESCO biosphere reserves 

      Ostrem, Julie A.; Hvenegaard, Glen T. (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2020)
      In an increasingly urbanized and degraded world, protected areas provide opportunities for people to connect with nature. Biosphere reserves strive for coexistence between the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable ...
    • Reader engagement in Persepolis through the contexts of the graphic memoir 

      Burgoyne-King, Jacob (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018)
    • Reading comprehension and attrition in French immersion programs 

      Leclerc, Lisa (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2014)
      The purpose of this study was to determine whether a relationship existed between low achievement in reading comprehension in elementary French immersion schools, and French immersion attrition by the beginning of grade 9 ...