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    • Baking book [title page] 

      General Foods Cooking School of the Air (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1932)
      Baking book.
    • Baking contest awards 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2003)
    • Baking made easy [title page] 

      Reid, Ruth Davison; Robin Hood Flour Mills (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1938)
      General instructions, bread, rolls and buns, cakes, frostings & fillings, quick breads, pies, puddings, pudding sauces, cookies, sandwiches, oats recipes.
    • Balancing Development and Conservation? An Assessment of Livelihood and Environmental Outcomes of Nontimber Forest Product Trade in Asia, Africa, and Latin America 

      Kusters, Koen; Achdiawan, Ramadhani; Belcher, Brian; Ruiz Pérez, Manuel (Resilience Alliance, 2006)
      This article addresses the question, to what extent and under which conditions nontimber forest product (NTFP) trade leads to both livelihood improvement and forest conservation. We based the analysis on a standardized ...
    • Balancing intensification and open space in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area 

      Beveridge, Robin (2016-07-13)
      As cities grow and intensify to accommodate the needs of growing populations, the availability of open space becomes increasingly important. Studies increasingly support the value of including nature and other open spaces ...
    • Balancing technology: an informed approach to technology in education 

      Abra, Meaghan L. (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018)
      The tensions between the advantages and disadvantages of technology use often make technology a heated discussion topic between teachers, parents, and students. The goal of this research is to bridge the conversation between ...
    • Balancing theory and practice: Planning education in Canada 

      Brown, David (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2002)
      Overview of the Association of Canadian University Planning Programs (ACUPP) which includes eighteen universities offering a total of twenty-four programs in urban and regional planning that meet the accreditation ...
    • Bamboo Inn 

      Bamboo Inn (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 15/12/2015)
      Menu from Bamboo Inn restaurant in Portland, OR. Noodles, chow mein, chop suey, soup, roasts and chicken, miscellaneous, combination Chinese dinners, desserts, steaks and chops, seafood, eggs and omelettes, sandwiches, ...
    • Bamboo Terrace 

      Bamboo Terrace (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 08/05/2016)
      Menu from Bamboo Terrace restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Special combination dinners, group dining, soup, appetizers, salads, chop suey, spareribs, chowmein, chowfoon, rice, choice chicken, seafoods, egg fuyung, barbeques, ...
    • Banana Leaf 

      Banana Leaf (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, Aug-10)
      Menu from Banana Leaf restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Appetizers, soup, salad, fresh seafood, vegetable, meat, rices & noodles.
    • The banks and market manipulation: A financial strain analysis of the libor fraud 

      Lokanan, Mark (Advances in Public Interest Accounting, 2019)
      The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is considered to be the most important interest rate in finance upon which trillions in financial contracts are decided. In 2008, it was revealed that the LIBOR traders were rigging ...
    • Barriers and opportunities for improving energy efficiency in the social housing sector : case study of E4C's division of housing and mental health 

      Marchand-Smith, Patrick (2012-12-18)
      Energy efficiency improvements in the social housing sector have the potential to produce a range of environmental and social benefits. These improvements can be produced through retrofits that deliver energy savings or ...
    • Barriers of reporting sexual violence in Syrian refugee camps 

      MacTavish, Emma (2016-10-25)
      Barriers in reporting sexual violence have emerged as a common problem for refugee camps hosting women. Approaches to increase reporting among women who have experienced sexual violence have not adequately considered the ...
    • Barriers to intensification: Regina's Warehouse District 

      Graham, Rylan (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2018-03)
      The three-phase Regina Revitalization Initiative has been heralded as the largest revitalization project in the city’s history. Proponents contend that phase 2, the Railyard Renewal Project, will spur complimentary ...
    • Baseline study for monitoring water quality in the Cougar Creek/Northeast Interceptor Canal watershed 

      Sierra, Lina Maria (2012-05-14)
      The Cougar Creek / Northeast Interceptor Canal watershed is located within the Corporation of Delta and the City of Surrey. Urbanization has been affecting the natural dynamic and environmental conditions of this watershed. ...
    • The basics of Autism Spectrum Disorder 

      Charles, Marissa (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2020)
      Some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are not receiving adequate education in our school system. One of the main reasons for that is a lack of teacher efficacy. Many teachers are not confident when educating ...
    • Baskatong Point Club with man 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, c.1930)
      Black and white postcard showing a man holding a sturgeon and a burbot at the Baskatong Point Club, Grand Remous, Quebec.
    • Baskatong Point Club with two women 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, c.1930)
      Black and white postcard showing two women, one holding a sturgeon and the other holding a burbot at the Baskatong Point Club, Grand Remous, Quebec.
    • The Bastion 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1853)
      When Haida warriors threatened to raid the tiny community in 1852, John Muir decided to build the block house and bastion pictured here. The three-story structure was hand-built with axes and adze by Jean Baptiste Fortier ...
    • BC Digital Library initiative: Radical collaboration toward community infrastructure for Open Access 

      McFarland, Dana; Hyman, Ben; Sifton, Daniel; Cocchia, Anita; Daniels, Caroline; Lew, Shirley; Sprout, Bronwen; Stewart, Dave (BC Digital Library, 2019-01)
      The idea of the BC Digital Library is to provide a community good by “materializing” infrastructure that enables Open Access to knowledge and stories about and by British Columbia and its people. As an ongoing initiative, ...