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    • A litmus test for neighbourhood change 

      Christensen, Sarah; Harris, Richard; Kinsella, Kathleen (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2018-03)
      Researchers have long sought a simple method of tracking current neighbourhood change, including gentrification. Google Street View is an option. Using it, a research instrument was refined and tested in Hamilton, ...
    • Little bean, fairly big impact: [Book Review] Beyond fair trade: How one small coffee company helped transform a hillside village in Thailand 

      Alexander, Don (Alternatives, Inc., 2016)
      Book review of "Beyond fair trade: How one small coffee company helped transform a hillside village in Thailand" by Mark Pendergast (Vancouver: Greystone Books, 2015).
    • Little girl standing by a hanging sturgeon 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1949)
      Black and white postcard of a little girl standing beside a sturgeon hanging by a tree
    • Little known and little understood: Development of a small wetland assessment field card to identify potential breeding habitat for amphibians 

      Wind, Elke; Beese, William J. (FORREX, 2008)
      The effect of timber harvesting on small wetland habitats and associated amphibians has not been studied in the Pacific Northwest. In 2004, we initiated a study of three forested sites containing 70+ small wetlands in ...
    • Live-work options in light industrial areas: District of Sechelt 

      Notley, Matthew James (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2019-04)
      The purpose of this research is to determine options for the District of Sechelt to allow for housing in light industrial zones. Light industrial areas in a community are generally not considered desirable neighbourhoods ...
    • Living into our values and vision : courageous, compassionate, principled Leadership within Ontario midwifery 

      Armstrong, Kelly (2020-11-20)
      Ontario Midwives recently celebrated 25 years of funding and regulation as part of the Ontario healthcare system. Head Midwives are peer leaders, providing the connecting link between frontline midwives and the leadership ...
    • Living our leadership learning in Swift Current, Saskatchewan 

      Wesolowska, Lidia; Agger-Gupta, Niels (Royal Roads University, 2016-06-01)
      This case study of a MA-Leadership capstone project demonstrates three elements of Royal Roads University’s Learning and Teaching Model: 1) Experiential, authentic learning strategies; 2) Supporting integrative learning—how ...
    • Living walls : building with cob 

      Vogan, Lindsay (2012-08-28)
      There's an interesting phenomenon happening on the South Coast of British Columbia, Canada- particularly on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Groups of women, couples and families are going back to the roots ...
    • Living with monsters 

      Page, Kathy (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2013)
      Thoughts on our fascination with real or imaginary monsters inform Kathy Page's novel The find. Inspired by a visit to a Courtenay museum, the novel centres on the fictional discovery of a huge pterosaur from the Late ...
    • Lo-fi & Wi-fi: conjuring creativity and performance 

      Davies, Robin; van der Zon, Marian (Electrronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2013)
      How do we allow media technologies to shape our creative practice? This presentation explores the desire for storytelling and theatrical performance through the use of lo-fi and hi-fi technologies. Building on traditional ...
    • Local economic development project in Ukraine 

      Heide, Wayne (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2001)
      The small business and economic development initiative in the western Ukrainian province of Ivano-Frankivsk is designed to assist people there in the difficult transition from a centrally directed to a market economy, and ...
    • Local government and land use engagement with First Nations : surfacing positive stories for future land use consultation successes 

      Elliott, Hillary (2017-09-11)
      In 2004, a Supreme Court of Canada ruling established that the Crown has a duty to consult and accommodate when there is knowledge that land use proposals may impact Indigenous rights. In 2015, the Canadian federal ...
    • Local hyperparasitism: Mites found on flat flies carried by 29 species of birds 

      Simard-Provençal, Samuelle (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2020)
      Poster highlighting a research study to look at and characterize the hippoboscid flies and their hyperparasitic mites from birds on Vancouver Island.
    • Locating Harry Potter in the "boys book" market 

      Doughty, Terri (University of Missouri Press, 2002)
      The Harry Potter series' appeal for adolescent boys, not customarily a strong presence in the reading market, is explored within a cultural framework.
    • Long Duck Tong 

      Long Duck Tong (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2014)
      Chopstick wrapper from Long Duck Tong restaurant in Barkerville, BC. Includes instructions on how to hold and use chopsticks.
    • Long Feng 

      Long Feng (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2014)
      Take out menu from a Chinese restaurant in Italy. Text in Chinese, Italian, and English. Antipasti, zuppa, riso, spaghetti, pollo, maiale, mazo, gamberi, anatra, contorno, antipasti ed insalate, assortiti, sashimi, uramaki-8 ...
    • Long-term native temperate grassland responses to warming, precipitation and defoliation in Central Alberta 

      Tribble, Robin (2018-12-13)
      Canada’s northern temperate grasslands are a large and valuable natural resource that provides widespread social, economic and environmental benefits to Canadians. Understanding how grassland vegetation is affected by ...
    • Long-term silviculture experiments contribute to science-based forest management in British Columbia's public forests 

      Mitchell, Al K.; Vyse, Alan; Huggard, David J.; Beese, William J. (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, 2004)
      Protests over clearcutting public forestlands have been a part of British Columbia’s forest policy scene for the last two decades. Pressure to modify silvicultural systems has resulted in the installation of a number of ...
    • The Longest Battle 

      Geoff Bird (War Heritage Research Initiative, 2018-02-03)
      Built in 1940 as a convoy escort ship, HMCS Sackville is the last of a fleet of 123 Canadian corvettes. In 1985, the HMCS Sackville was restored to its original condition and docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia and thus made ...
    • Longhouse and greenhouse : searching for food security in a community-based research project 

      Lickers, Adrianne (2015-03-12)
      This applied, community-based research study used an Indigenous methodology to explore food security programs at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory in Ontario. The research focuses on factors that affect food security ...