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    • Cull's Fishery Sturgeon and Man 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1927)
      Black and white photograph of a man standing outside a wooden building at Cull’s Fishery, holding a 65 lb. sturgeon
    • Cull's Fishery Sturgeon and Woman 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1927)
      Black and white photograph of a woman standing outside a wooden building at Cull's Fishery, holding a 65 lb. sturgeon.
    • Culling the Herd in Hard Times: Implementing an Evidence-Based "Big Deal" Cancellation Support Tool at Vancouver Island University Library 

      Reed, Kathleen (7/12/2013)
      VIU librarians recently designed and implemented a collections rubric that examines factors beyond traditional usage metrics and price. Prior to the implementation of the rubric, collections decisions were based on ...
    • Cultivating belonging: Living leadership in communities of learning 

      Page, Beth; Etmanski, Catherine; Agger-Gupta, Niels (Royal Roads University, 2017-06-01)
      Learning Communities are an important element of the Royal Roads University (RRU) Learning and Teaching Model. Cohort members in Royal Roads University’s Master’s of Arts in Leadership (MAL) program remain connected and ...
    • Cultivating resilience and change adaptability in Lower Mainland laboratories 

      Kelly, Heather (2016-12-23)
      This inquiry investigated how Senior Laboratory Leadership can cultivate a culture of resilience and change adaptability among medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) in Lower Mainland Laboratories. An action research ...
    • Cultural contact zones: Wrocław, Poland 

      Doughty, Terri; McGrail, Justin (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2014)
      Poland was re-established as a nation after World War I; the city of Wrocław (formerly German Breslau) became Polish after World War II. After massive population transfers of Germans and Poles and after Communist government ...
    • The cultural ecosystem services provided by a semi-natural suburban wetland 

      Bonokoski, Alex Isidor (2013-09-24)
      Wetlands are recognized for the diverse range of ecosystem services they provide. However, most economic valuations focus on the biophysical ecosystem services and disregard the cultural ecosystem services. A better ...
    • Cultural heritage, leisure and citizenship: A case study of La Boqueria food market in Barcelona (Spain) 

      Crespi-Vallbona, Montserrat; Domínguez Pérez, Marta (World Leisure Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation at Vancouver Island University, 2016-12)
      In Barcelona, la Boqueria is the most well-known food market. In its neighbourhood, the market provides the main groceries to the local community. Relevant restaurateurs also visit the market to supply their kitchens. And ...
    • Cultural intelligence and mindfulness: Teaching MBAs in Iran 

      Cray, David; McKay, Ruth; Mittleman, Robert (Journal of International Education in Business, 2018)
      Purpose: A dynamic global economy has increased the need for cross-cultural flexibility and cultural intelligence. While a large literature has examined various means to increase cultural intelligence (CQ) in student and ...
    • Cultural safety in emergency support services 

      Pepper, Kayla (2021-04-15)
      Wildfire and flood events of recent years have stretched and tested British Columbia’s Emergency Support Services (ESS) system; a provincial program designed by Emergency Management BC (EMBC) to support evacuees. As evidenced ...
    • Cultural survival among Syrians in Cairo : the role of Syrian educators and educational centers 

      Stanevicius, Amelia (2019-04-17)
      Syrian refugees in Egypt are using educational centers to support the preservation of their culture and way of life. This thesis takes an in-depth look at four educational centers and their cultural path through the education ...
    • A culture of learning 

      Breden, Morgan (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2018)
      I believe that schools are better places when everyone involved is a learner. This design project has been created with the intention of moving my school towards a culture of ongoing and meaningful professional development, ...
    • Culture of learning: a self-study 

      Kitching, Jill (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2016)
      The purpose of this self-study was for the researcher to discover how beliefs about learning impact how assessment for learning practices are implemented in a classroom. In seeking to inform the study and her practice, the ...
    • A culture on the brink and a millennium for good measure 

      Kingwell, Mark (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2000-01)
      There's every reason in the world that the millennium should not matter to us. So how come it does? If you listen to some people - though not me, despite many accusations and at least one radio-drama parody in which a ...
    • Cumulative effects thresholds for arctic grayling in the Wapiti River watershed 

      Norris, Adam Paul (2013-01-22)
      Intensity and types of land use have changed rapidly in the last century and in north-western Alberta this has coincided with the decline of Wapiti River watershed Arctic Grayling (<italic>Thymallus arcticus</italic>) ...
    • Curatorial statement 

      Clifton, Jaime; Anthon, Dan (2017-11-23)
    • Curatorial statement 

      Anthon, Dan (2020-02-07)
    • Curatorial statement and team bios 

      Anthon, Dan; Clifton-Ross, Jaime; Dale, Ann (2019-05-09)
    • Currents in the Juan de Fuca Strait 

      Labrecque, A. J. M. (Royal Roads Military College, 1990-08)
      The low-pass filtered residual along-strait current and across-strait pressure difference data, collected at the mid-strait and at the mouth are examined to determine the characteristics of the flow in Juan de Fuca Strait. ...
    • Cutting the Roe Loose from the Sturgeon at Bayside, N. J 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1901)
      Black and white photograph of a man cutting open a large sturgeon.