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    • Gamification and growth in high school English language arts 

      Chapman, Kimberley L. (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2022)
      Game-Based Learning (GBL) and Gamification are increasingly popular strategies to engage and motivate young people in learning. Gamification, which is the use of game elements in an educational setting, can mean the ...
    • Gamification for environmental change? 

      Fryers, Grace Cheryl (2017-12-22)
      This study used mixed methods research to explore the use of an environmental gaming app in an academic setting to determine if it could encourage users to adopt and maintain environmentally friendly behaviours. The ...
    • Gamification in nursing jurisprudence 

      Trimblett, Shelley (2016-08-24)
      A Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) understanding of regulation and standards of practice as it informs their practice, is vital to assuring public safety. The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia (CLPNBC), ...
    • A gamified learning environment: using the principles underlying games to engender success in the learning experience 

      Summerfelt, Corina L. (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2015)
      This paper examines the principles of learning identified by James Paul Gee that can be found in video games, and considers how they might be applied to learning a second language. The project was developed with the ...
    • Gamsun 

      Gamsun (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 3/18/2016)
      Menu from Gamsun restaurant in Boston, MA. Appetizers, suggestions, soup, chow mein, chicken chop suey, sweet and sour dishes, poultry, sea food, chow yoke, pork chop suey, beef chop suey, egg foo young, fried rice, ...
    • Gan Chy 

      Gan Chy (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 15/12/2015)
      Menu in English and Chinese from Gan Chy restaurant in Stockton, CA. Chop suey, seasonal vegetable, chow mein noodles and won ton, fowl (chicken, duck and squab), eggs, our chef's suggestions, sea food, soup, rice, special ...
    • Garcia Mitchell Salt Water Reel Ad 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1956)
      Journal advertisement with text and black and white photograph of Willard Cravens of Melba Idaho posing with a 360 pound sturgeon. There is also a small inset of a fishing reel.
    • Garnet Ginther's trophy sturgeon 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1969)
      Black and white photograph of an 11 foot, 640 pound sturgeon and its catcher, Garnet Ginther. Text above photo: "Garnet Ginther indicates the size of his catch when he compares his 6-foot reach to his 11-foot, 640-pound trophy."
    • Garnet Ginther’s trophy sturgeon being hauled onto a utility trailer 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 1969)
      Black and white photograph showing 2 men trying to haul a 640 pound sturgeon onto a utility trailer. Another man and 2 children look on. This large sturgeon was caught by Garnet Ginther. Text below photo: "After the battle ...
    • The Garrison Creek Linkage Plan: A model for developing an open-space system 

      Pedersen, Eric (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1999-11)
      The Garrison Creek Linkage Plan builds upon a broad based community / City initiative that began in 1994 and has successfully raised the public's awareness of the unique history and open space potential of this buried creek ...
    • Gastric bioaccessibility and human health risks associated with soil metal exposure via ingestion at an E-waste recycling site in Kumasi, Ghana 

      Amponsah, Lydia O.; Dodd, Matt; Darko, Godfred (Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 2020)
      Over 1000 people make a living by processing electronic and electrical waste (E-waste) and scrap metals for the recovery of valuable metals and integrated circuits at Dagomba Line, Kumasi, Ghana. These processing include ...
    • Gated communities: Selling the good life 

      Maxwell, D. Kirstin (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2004)
      Gated communities are becoming increasingly common in Canada despite concerns expressed by many planners. These concerns include such issues as the privatization of public space and fragmentation of the transportation ...
    • Gay day trip to Nanaimo Pride 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2005)
    • A gaye olde celebration! 

      Unknown author (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2006)
    • The gender question 

      Bishop, Mary (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2018-07)
      Last year, Sue Hendler’s book (with Julia Markovich), titled “I was the Only Woman”: Women and Planning in Canada was published. It was with great anticipation that I ordered a copy, hoping to read all about the wonderful ...
    • Gender, participation, and environmental decision-making : case study of the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort 

      Tarasiuk, Rayne (2017-02-10)
      This study focused on understanding the role of gender in people’s participation in the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort decision-making processes in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. Research questions focused on the ...
    • Gender-based discrimination and the city 

      Modlich, Regula (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2017-12)
      "Human Rights and the City," Plan Canada’s summer 2017 issue theme, is most relevant in our diversifying society. Our military, police, judicial, educational, and religious institutions all have revealed evidence ...
    • Gendered discussion of politicians in news : how can we prepare future female politicians for media gender bias? 

      Lawrie, Hannah J. (2015-09-24)
      This research adds to the pre-existing knowledge of gender bias towards women in media. Through a focused review of political news media in British Columbia, this research found little evidence of gender bias towards women ...
    • General plan with annotations power telephone and light 

      Brett and Hall – Landscape Architects (Feb. 1913)
    • General site plan with outbuildings 

      Brett and Hall – Landscape Architects (1916)